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It allows you to create professional-looking webpages very quickly and easily
Ritiket — 5 years ago
It is a good tool for those who want to have their own websites.
Muhammad Waqas — 7 years ago
mohamed tiirshe — 8 years ago
very good
Guest — 8 years ago
An easy to use program
909 — 9 years ago
If you compare this program to serif webplus, serif is much, much better
Guest — 9 years ago
Perfect programm and is easy to work with
Junjun — 10 years ago
because even if I used webpage maker trial version I saw it to be more perfect than other webpage sofware. Compare to Actual Drawing and other softwares that offer the same service, webpage maker is the best. I can easily manage and create website in design I wish to appear in the screen by just dragging the objects. The only problem is that, this software cannot generate a search engine codes to be used by visitors to search the content of my website when they visit, and limited buttons, limited templates, limited ready to use javascripts. On the otherhand, this software is still the best. Actually I want to have a hardcopy of this software but I don't know how to purchased it because I don't have foreign currencies in the bank. I hope sometime you will give free version of this software. Thank you.
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